"Human Resources for Small Businesses"

Serving Southern Oregon and Northern California

Who We Are

The mission of Table Rock Consulting is to assist small and medium sized businesses in the identification, development and execution of human resource solutions that maximize their employee investment and allows them to thrive by focusing on growth and sustainability.

We are a strategic partner with your organization with the goal of helping you gain a competitive advantage through your people by delivering high quality and cost-effective solutions.

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Table Rock Consulting offers a variety of services to help your small or mid-sized business develop HR solutions that will minimize overall costs while maximizing employee satisfaction and positively impacting your bottom line.  Here is a short video that helps explain our services.

We recognize that no two businesses are alike have exactly the same needs.  To ensure we provide what you need, and not over-sell you what you don’t, we offer customized options to meet the level of service needed by your organization.
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How We Provide Value

At Table Rock Consulting, we believe that it is the right people, who are doing the right work and share your passion for what they do that is going to give your business the competitive advantage to grow, thrive and be sustainable!

Our HR solutions help to increase employee productivity, lower overhead costs and eliminate the waste caused by human error so more time can be spent on revenue-generating activities – delivering real-world advice that results in successful outcomes.

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